MGTF Pektron SCU Security screw removal Bit TORX Plus TTS25 MG ROVER

MG TF Pektron SCU Security screw removal Bit

MG TF Pektron SCU Security screw removal Bit TORX Plus TTS25  MG ROVER
 You are buying one Security Bit TTS25 - as seen in the pictures above - not a packet of them. 
 The other ones in the picture are to show the different angles of the bit.

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MGTF Security Screw removal Bit -TORX Plus TTS25 - Also known as H1/4x25xTTS25 High Quality Carbon Vanadium  Steel Alloy  - Shock Resisting Bit. These are 5 lobed hollow center bits NOT to be confused with the more common TORX 6 lobe hollow center bits. As can be seen in the pictures these bits fit the Security Screw holding the Pektron SCU in its bracket

This security Screw is Also found on Other MG & ROVER Cars.
    MG TF
    MG ZR
    MG ZS
    Rover 25

This Security Screw is  often very tight and care is needed when removing.
Also in the picture the metal tab of the bracket has been bent up to access the screw from below.
This Bit is has been specially manufactured to order for Remobilise Ltd - and made In Taiwan
We will sell in bulk - email us for quotation - stating amounts.
Any Questions: email or phone on the contact details listed below - including pictures on How to remove the Pektron SCU

OTHER ITEMS WE SELLWe also sell Genuine MG ROVER Remote Control Fobs and Relays to repair the Pektron SCU